Monday, August 10, 2009

Blocked by POLICE

Juz now after fetching my dear went home n i was go-ing home..
it was a straight road.. den got a block at thr..
cars was let the polis checked 1 by 1..
den.. no wonder.. i was wear-ing scol uniform n i kena block..
den i move my car bside the road..
im scared BETULLL..
den a police who carrying tight tight wif a gun 淫笑 to me..==
den another police smile smile n walk to me to ask my IC n license..
he looked here looked thr.. looked my P.. looked my IC..
after tat.. sure.. nothing larr...
but when the polis looking my IC n license..
i'm thinking "我的头发过长.." ==
dunno wat brain of me..

but tis really a special experience for me..
blocked by police wor~XD
but hope oso no nex time larr~~~

**erm.. dun ask me y use english.. coz.. juz feel..XD

3 saidS ❤:

Jacky Y.Z. Khor said...

walao...why the police so "yam3"? sumore "yin xiao"...-_-
haha anyway..long time din visit ur blog..ehh, the header pic why put other pic? put your own picture ma. Leng enough! =D

FisHie said...

yalarr.. fat fat de police.. dunno he wan show his 'nice' or wat.. XD
tis more more leng larr.. i like it.. haha!

SoRguAaYuMi said...

Hahahah~ i think the feeling is like when balloon block u and see the length of ur hair......lolz