Monday, November 30, 2009

1st day of work

Yes.. juz bac from carefour.. kepong carefour.. help my aunt c her books store for 10 days~
tis 10 days i wil close my ALL program mostly.. sori frenss.. i miss u all~ :(
but after tis 10 days... MUAHAHAHA! sori mummy.. >< .
ermm.. my work.. actually juz sit n gap n read book n eat onli.. damn easy.. hehe! My assssss sure bcome big n bigger................ ==
but the time i think is too longggg larr~ 10am to 10pm.. so if u u u u u come carefour.. can come visit me yar~ ^^
haiz.. gonna go sleep.. not tired but feel wanna sick.. huh~

8 saidS ❤:

SaRa said...

omg my dear.
what happened to u?
feeling sick already a?
drink more water lar.
dont eat too much the "gua zi"
sleep earlier =)

we are waiting for you.

FisHie said...

i drink mmany water yesterday lerr~ dunno o.. mayb tat gua zin zinger.. tooooo hot.. XD
today oso rest til 3pm juz go carefour... :(

Chloe Ng said...

不怪得你没来cheong k
顺便kacau你 ngek ngek xP

nmklfqq said...

cheer up lo..
take care ya..

Grace Lim said... more n drink more water lar...
dun get sick oh...^_^
sumtimes sit long get up walk walk..
if nt reali will bcum big..butt de oh..haha~^_^

FisHie said...

thx~ ^^
i will recover SOON.. coz stil got many foods r waiting me.. hehe!

-YuJI- said...

Seems like long time no see you liao ohx(
hah.times pass realy fast.10days,no problem for you la~if boring,take the dictionery and readxD(times will pass more faster.hah!)
take care urself ya.~+u oh^^

FisHie said...

thx yuji laopo~~ ^^
yalerr.. longggggg time no c u lerr.. got fat jor mou? got leng jor mou?? haha!
i c liao many type de books lorr~ from doraemon till novel till 有益身心的书... haha!